De Don Studio shows a wide variety of multi displinary work but focusses mostly on audio / visual experiences and motion graphics created by mixing analogue and digital techniques: “I tend to use reoccurring themes in my work that spark my interest. Subjects of my previous projects have involved themes like the human psyche –– involving the overlap of A.I. with the human psyche, digital culture, generational differences, urban subcultures, etc. I like working with digital tools and programmes, however I don’t shy away from involving analogue techniques into my work like silkscreening, analogue photography, bookbinding, and many more.

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‘De Don’ derives from my full name, Donna Rikhof, which is a nickname people often give me. The name especially stuck during my time at the university of Arts, where I graduated from the bachelor course Graphic Design in 2023. 


    2018 - 2023 
|      Prepatory course Art & Design ArtEZ University of the Arts
|      BA Graphic Design ArtEZ University of the Arts

Work Experience

    2022 - 2023
    2022 - 2023 
    2023 - now 
|     Uitgeverij Werkwoord
|     De Chief
|     Hoek koffie & Pattisserie
|     Instore Broadcast
Logo and type design
Merchandise silkscreening and logo design
Signage and menu design
Motion / graphic designer

    Aug 2021 - Dec 2021 

|      ATTAK creative studio


|      ‘GDA on the Block’ , Graphic Design ArtEZ Finals