In the past decade our phones and computers have stopped being functional and recreational devices and become a refuge from reality. This stems from a sense of dissatisfaction within our society particularly among younger generations, who turn to social media and digital platforms to escape the drawbacks of the real world and to express their frustrations. This phenomenon is known as escapism and can be a healthy coping mechanism. However, excessive escapism can give rise to mental health issues. Teenagers and young adults spend an average of 7 hours and 22 minutes on screens consuming nearly half their day in the digital realm. Are we destined to be part of this digital era, merely adapting to its technological advancements? Or does this behavior lead us to inhabit a self-created digital utopia? Perhaps through escapism, we can reflect on our screen habits and raise awareness among future generations. With my graduation project ASCIIPISM, I want to visualize the potential consequences of our actions through a self envisioned digital ‘utopia’ by drawing from the digital ASCII art form.