“These works consist of animated posters that contain moving visuals and type design.” 

Destructing type with Fluxus

These moving posters originate from the art movement Fluxus in which performance art was the key element. Up until that point, art had been an occupation for mostly elite people. Fluxus was meant as an art movement for the common people so everyone could enjoy it.From the Fluxus manual I chose the common theme of destruction/ deconstruction and eventually I made a selection of five performance scores. I wanted to incorporate the almost violent destruction that embodied these performances in the moving posters. Deconstructing the type but still keep variety in the different posters as not create a monotonous atmosphere. The posters represent the end of an art-elite era. The people have a message and they want to be heard.

The Lighthouse identity

A screenbased identity created according to the visuals and plot of the movie ‘The Lighthouse’ 


Sketch made with p5.js using a GAN generated bitfont